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6 reasons you should be hosting Private events

We divide events into two different groups: Entertainment events and Private events (target-based).

The first group, the Entertainment events, are the ones common in Retail:  Pre-Sales, Sales, VIP shopping nights, late night shopping, fashion shows,etc. We could add here the Christmas Party that every company or brand host normally at the end of November each year. But the truth is such big retail events, and we consider big events those where there are more than 30 guests, are not good for making money. There is never enough staff to serve clients like we would like to, and we lose a lot of precious time welcoming everyone. Just think about how many times you need to say “Hi, Welcome. Lovely to see you here.”, “Have you seen the new collection…?”; during those couple of hours.

The second group, Private events, are basically designed according to the turnover we need to achieve. These events are normally private, and by private we mean that we know that we will just have not more than 15 guests who can spend the amount of money that we need.

These events are designed depending on the season and the major events taking place in London throughout the year. This means that we customize every Private event to certain groups of clients based on what we know about them.

For example, on the occasion of the Chelsea Flower Workshop, we decided to offer a 2-hour flower workshop in store. As we discussed before, just 10 of our clients will be participating in the workshop that will take place on the store´s first floor. Some marketers will call this type of event an “Educational Event” for me, is just  evolution. In today´s retail world, is not just about what product you are offering to the client is also about the experience that comes with it. We would much prefer to shop for our Chelsea Flower Show outfit in a store where they show us how to create a centrepiece and indulge us with an afternoon tea than to wander around a department store. What do you think?

Then, find below the 6 reasons why you should be hosting Private Events:

  1. The event is customized to clients` tastes, is more appealing to them
  2. More time to serve clients properly and therefore, improve your relationship with them
  3. Increase urnover
  4. Reduce costs
  5. No need for Social Media or Public Relations campaign
  6. Guests contacted directly from the person they know and trust

Our intention with this post is to show you how the press, celebrities and large amounts of champagne do not translate necessarily into  a bigger turnover. Entertainment events are important for brand positioning and to allure prospective clients, but the day receipts are not going to make up for the catering charge, the Private Event will.

So, next time you are planning your next event think about your objectives. Are you trying to bring in new clients or to do a record sale?

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The only Event Proposal Example that you will ever need

As promised, find below one of the proposals we created for one of the events we hosted at Marina Rinaldi. We followed the table presented in our previous post “How to write an Event Proposal” but changed a bit the layout.



The location of Marina Rinaldi Flagship Store makes it the perfect venue to launch the brand´s new products. The characteristics of this special capsule, created by Japanese designer Tsumori Chisato, fun colourful, young, trendy, gives us the opportunity to entertain our most loyal clients and engage with potential customers.

Furthermore, this new fresh capsule will allow Marina Rinaldi to get to younger audiences and explain what identifies and distinguishes the brand.

We decided to propose two events for the same product: a day and an evening event because of some of our client´s time constraints. Those contacted clients that were able to come during the day were not able to come during the evening and vice-versa. For that reason, and because we consider that the new capsule is a difficult product to present to our clientage, we put forward the idea of having two events.

Also, another issue we noticed is that customers prefer to come days later to try what they saw during the event. We believe that it makes sense to take advantage of Rachele being in London to offer to the appointed clients a styling session from our Image Consultant as another selling point for the capsule.


Name: Fun Japan
Date and Time: March 9th, 2016 from 12 to 17hs
Location: Marina Rinaldi London Townhouse
Description/ Theme: Launch of “Fun Japan” capsule


  • To launch the capsule collection in London store and show it to 20 customers during the event
  • To engage with clients and provide 8 styling sessions proposing the new capsule items

Estimated Budget: 1000 pounds

Projected number of attendees: 20
Target Audience: Marina Rinaldi´s selected clients. Segmentation based on previous purchases and clients tastes.

Message: Marina Rinaldi will celebrate the launch of the spring collection 2016 in March xx with a capsule specially created by Japanese designer Tsumori Chisato. The London Townhouse in Albemarle Street will host the “Fun Japan”, event, where the attendance will enjoy a fashion show and styling sessions accompanied by colourful cocktails.

Catering Models  290
Models  200
Photographer  285
 Total Estimated Costs  775 pounds

From 10 to 13.30hs: Styling sessions with clients
From 14 to 17hs: Models showcasing the items (break to be decided)
15hs: Rachele´s presentation with runway show
From 16 to 17hs: Styling sessions with clients