Planning an Event in 7 easy steps

Plan your event in 7 easy steps

STEP 1: What’s the purpose of your event?

Are you launching a new product? Do you want to introduce your brand to a new public? Or maybe you want to celebrate a new achievement. Defining the reason for your event will determine the theme, guests, venue and catering, etc.

STEP 2: Find a Theme

There’s no party without a theme. Maybe there is, but it will be the most boring one. Have you ever been to a champagne reception where all people do is zipping champagne with nothing to talk about? That’s your goal, give them something to talk about like a Fashion Show, a fun press board or a super cute cake. Let them talk about that! The social media coverage will be good as well!

STEP 3: The guest list

That’s a tough one. Again, do you have to make profit or are you just showcasing your products? If you need to make money, the less people the better. Customers tend to spend less or not at all if the place is full. If you need to make money stick to 20 people, more and you won’t have enough sitting areas and/or fitting rooms!

STEP 4: The Venue

If you are a Fashion label, I’m sure you have an amazing store to accommodate your guests but if you don’t, find a place with accessible parking and near a train/tube statioN.

STEP 5: Catering

Keep it simple, everybody loves an Italian. Nothing too messy, please!

STEP 6: Invitations and Marketing

The invitation has to be as short as possible: Brand name; occasion for the reception and anything that makes attending worth their while: date and time; venue; and name and contact of the person who receives the RSVP.

How you advertise the event depends again on who you’re inviting.


Not only people need to RSVP but you’ll have to contact them one week before the event to “remind” them of your event.



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